My Tosas





Puppy Information

Breeder/Buyer Expectations

What you can expect from me:
-use only high quality parents. Eventually, I may have to use a stud that is not xrayed as most people don't xray their Tosas. I can only do my best to make a good judgement on such dogs.
-offer prompt and knowledgeable assistance with any questions or issues
-do my best to provide a healthy puppy, that is expected to be free of any genetic faults that would affect the pup's quality of life.
-honour a health warranty
-enable communication between puppy buyers if so desired (I am not responsible for, and will not partake in any personal differences).

Health issues I've observed in Tosas all over the world:
-hip and elbow dysplasia. Here's some trivia for you...the first Tosa record showed up with OFA in 1984. Since then, of the 83 Tosas hip screened via OFA, 47% failed. For Pennhip fans, median for 99 Tosas is 0.57, which is about the equivalent of OFA mild.Read more
-bloat and gastric torsion. Familiarize yourself with the signs of bloat and act QUICKLY. The dog's life can be saved if they receive prompt medical attention. It is a very painful way to go, it can happen even if the dog didn't eat. As far as I know, it is an expensive operation.
-sensitive tummy, digestion problems
-eyelid problems: haw, entropion, cherry eye
-skin problems due to allergies, itchy paws, ears.
-bone deformities, particularly front paws. Sometimes it is nutritional, but usually some genetic cause.
-various cancers. My observation is about 50% of Tosas will die from some form of cancer. Often it starts affecting dogs just approaching senior years, but can affect even young dogs.
-lumps and bumps. Non cancerous lipomas, skin tags, moles, cysts etc. -panosteitis or "growth pains"
-vaginal prolapse

Worldwide, there is usually no health testing of Tosa breeding stock. Some things cannot be tested for, but many things can and should be. Puppy buyers will be told the "oh, he/she is healthy" story. Dogs are often dysplastic with no clinical signs, the ONLY way to tell what shape a dog's hips are in, is through xrays.
Taro at 14 weeks.