My Tosas





Puppy Information

Breeder/Buyer Expectations

I will expect puppy buyers to:
-provide a high level of comfort and shelter for pups. Dogs are to live in the house (preferred), and have a minimum of 4hrs a day of quality time with their human(s). Or, a clean, spacious, comfortable climate controlled kennel in excellent repair is fine in your absence. I'm raising house pets here.
-feed a super premium diet for its entire life. NO grocery store or vet brands. NO IAMS, Purina, Nutro, Nutrience, Eukanuba, or Beneful for example. I also do not recommend Taste of the Wild, even though it should be a premium food. Preferred brands are Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Holistic Select, Acana, Orijen, Wellness etc. Use raw diets at your own risk though. Supplements are optional, but feeding the highest quality food is not. Most dog foods are the equivalent of junk food. Would you raise your baby on junk food, probably not. Now consider that a giant dog goes from 1-2lbs to well over 100lbs in the space of a year, and perhaps you can see how important the best nutrition is. I'm pretty convinced that poor nutrition is at least partially responsible for much of what ails dogs. Especially things such as skin disease, developmental abnormalities, dysplasia, bloat, cancer and bad digestion. The pet food industry is largely unregulated, especially with cheap food, you never know what you're getting.
-provide adequate and prompt vet care.
-provide as much exercise as your dog needs. for a Tosa, that is usually a minimum of 1hr a day of moderate to high level activity (or at least 2 half hour walks, morning and evening). 2hrs or more is great for most Tosas.
-socialize your dog with people, places, and other animals. Nurture your Tosa so it will become a good citizen.
-not turn into a backyard breeder, and not contribute to the ruination of the breed.
-spay or neuter dogs that are not meant for showing or breeding at the appropriate age.
-spend a lot of time with your dog. Tosas need a lot of love, affection and attention. They are not a breed that can be locked away until YOU have a few minutes for them.
-train your dog. Hire a trainer if you cannot get your dog under control. Please note, not all trainers are good trainers.
-give me updates and photos of your dog at approximately 4, 6, 9 and 12 mths. Annually after that would be appreciated.
-keep the Tosa in good condition, somewhere just under body condition 3 is good.
-place it in a suitable home if you must give up your dog(according to what I expected from you). If that is not possible, the dog is to be returned to me. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are any of my dogs to end up in a shelter or rescue! Please make sure nobody in the household is allergic to dogs, I've seen a few Tosas needing new homes due to allergies in their previous home. Tosas are very loyal and sensitive, and especially adults, do not adapt to new families that easily.
-respect the breed, this is not a giant Lab.
-not participate in dog fighting.
Kirin at 8 weeks.