My Tosas





My Tosas

Tosa House Kodachi

Female, Born: June 2009
Died: Apr 1 2019
Measurements: 54kg (130lbs), 71cm (28")
Parents: Taro and Kirin.
Elbows: certified normal
Hips:OFA Good.
Memorial video

Megasthene's Jahyasi (aka Marishi-ten)

Female, Born: October 2010
Died: Dec 20 2017
Imported from Holland.
Measurements: 52kg(120lb), 68cm (27")
Elbows: OFA Normal
Hips: Right-OFA normal, Left-OFA mild
Memorial video

Bishamon German Tosa Ken

Male, Born: May 2013
Died: June 25 2016
Imported from Germany
Measurements: 59kg(145lb), 74cm(29")
Prelim. elbows: OFA normal
Prelim. Pennhip: L=0.42, R=0.40
90th percentile
*Cannot be bred due to genetic health issues*

Ch. Matsu's Taro AD

Male, Born: Dec. 2004
Died: Aug 25/14
Measurements: 59kg(130lbs), 76cm(30")
UKC champion at 17 months. 1xGroup1, 2xGroup2.
FCI critiques, 3xExcellent, 1xVery Good.
He has hips and elbows certified by OVC.

Kirin Twierdza Samuraja AD

Female, Born: Nov. 2006
Died: Oct.26 2018
Measurements: 59kg(130lbs), 72cm(28.5")
Imported from Poland.
Elbows: Left-grade 1, Right-OFA normal
Hips: OFA Fair.

Outside studs available to me

Tosa House B Arufa

Male, Born: Sep.2010
Measurements: 79kg(165lbs), 81cm(32")

Tosa House A Boss

Male, Born: June 2009
Measurements: 61kg(135lbs), 74cm(29")

Adult dogs are health screened, including wellness bloodwork, thyroid T4 and TSH, hip and elbow xrays (done at 2 years when they're mature). Unilateral xray results, to the best of my knowledge, is due to environmental/injury/wear causes. Weights reported are the dogs' ideal weights as they mature, not in overweight condition. Dogs used for breeding are excellent housepets and companion dogs, no behavioural problems or high level aggression. My dogs are not dog park dogs, and most of my puppies will have typical Tosa dog dominance. The AD title is a Schutzhund endurance test, where dogs have to run for 20km(12.5mi) read more. I run my dogs in this trial, and also on a regular basis (less distance), to ensure they can handle exercise stress without breaking down. When big dogs can take this much exercise, it is a good indication that they have sound structures, good heart, and health in general. I also start them running from about 3 months to make sure they are strong from puppyhood. I believe in natural breeding and whelping, and avoiding inbreeding. I prefer a "tighter", more athletic dog, as opposed to the heavy set "mastiffy" types. With each litter, I'm looking to choose the best dogs to carry on desirable genes. For a lot more information, visit my other site