My Tosas





Tosa and Breeder Information

There is no single correct build or look for a Tosa. To excel at what they were meant to do, depends more on physical conditioning, and just plain "heart". Each person or breeder will have a preference for what they think is "correct" though. After considering all aspects of Tosa movement, and function, I too have my own preferences. They should have a unique blend of speed, strength, stamina, suppleness, sturdiness and size.
Conformation of Tosa I prefer:
-males around 76cm(30") at the shoulder and 64kg(140lbs), females around 71cm(28") and 54kg(120lbs)
-broad heads, but not extreme. Following the contour of the skull, around 20cm(8") between the ears for males, a little less for females (huge heads can prevent natural whelping, as in Dogue De Bordeaux and Bulldogs).
-muzzles should be about 40 to 50% of the length of the head (nose to back of skull)
-moderate wrinkling and jowls (you want wrinkles, try a Sharpei or Neo)
-a bit more than 50% of the height from length of leg, not depth of body.
-moderate uptuck, slim waist but not to look like a sighthound
-chest of medium width, not broad like Bullmastiff
-medium bone thickness
-moderate angulation

True Tosa Temperament is something everyone likes to talk about. All this really means is that the dog will face a challenging dog, fight silently without cowering, and not show aggression to their human handlers. Seeing as we in the West are not fighting our Tosas (I hope), here's what I think about Tosa temperament....
What Tosa temperament should be like in my opinion:
-usually same sex dog dominant, but never wildly aggressive. Most are very quick to fight if challenged by another dog (regardless of gender), and will instigate fights as well
-fairly human friendly, accepting of welcome guests, but should offer mild to moderate protection in most family settings
-very tolerant of children, docile, and affectionate with everyone in the household
-strong sense of family, loyal, high level of bonding
-some small animal prey drive is likely
-mostly good with larger animals like horses if socialized early
-medium to high intelligence and trainability.

**NOTE:Tosas directly from fighting lines are more likely to be "too hot to handle" for the average family or dog owner.
Trying to get this many kids and animals in the same frame is just about impossible. My Bulldog Georgie decided she didn't want her picture taken that day.