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Tosa exercise

What do I mean by a good amount of exercise? A total 2hrs of fast paced walks a day, or preferably a combination of walks and free play/running where they can really get their heart rate going. I aim to cover an average of 8km (5mi) per day (maybe half that on days with temperature extremes), with running around in the bush, and biking. Plus, they usually get some time in the yard, and they're free to play in the house as much as they'd like. They can take a lot more exercise than this, but I find this is the amount that keeps them settled and in great shape. Many Tosas should be able to easily cover 70km(43miles)/week. In training with Kirin for the AD trial, we biked up to 14km several times with no breaks, at a pace of about 12kph. And no, she was not done for the day! If you are overweight, elderly, unfit for exercise either through inactivity or any issue that permanently affects your mobility, please do not get a Tosa. If you can't cover at least 3km (2mi) in under half hour, don't bother getting ANY dog with moderate or high exercise needs!

At temperatures of over 20C(68F), they may slow down considerably. Some don't like extreme cold either, but most do very well and don't need winter clothing. That's ok, but try to make up for some lost ground when weather is more suitable. Less exercise during a busy work week is ok, but need to make up for some on the weekends. Be prepared for early morning and late evening runs. If you are very busy, it is a good idea to hire a dog walker for a 1hr walk at lunchtime. That will take some of the stress off you if you're time challenged. They can also be treadmill trained, but the machine must be the largest belt you can afford (at least 140cm, 55"). Some Tosas will look like they'd prefer to be couch potatoes, but will still benefit from as much exercise as your average active dog. The dog's exercise should be a high priority to you, instead of going to the gym all the time, exercise with your dog. They will keep you active, fit, and feeling young! After 2 years old, the energy level often tones down, but they can still take lots of exercise. If you want a big dog with less exercise requirements, try a Bullmastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux to name a couple.

Tosa History

You won't find that on my site, but there is a lot of speculation out there on the internet. In particular, what breeds make up the Tosa. There is some Japanese written information, but nobody knows precisely what breeds were used. Different Japanese kennels may have used different breeds as well, or in varying amounts. That could be one of the reasons for the size ranges and varying looks of the Tosa. The Japanese are a secretive people, not likely they will tell the West all their secrets. I'm more interested in where the Tosa is going, rather than where it came from.

Kirin and I in New Brunswick, doing the AD endurance trial.