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Suzanne Dyke
Tosa House located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada.

I would prefer contact via email and I'm usually very quick to respond, but I'm also available for phonecalls if necessary. If I don't respond to email within 24hrs, probably means I didn't receive it.

If you decide you cannot wait for a pup from me, please be warned that there are some very unscrupulous breeders out there. They will sell you a pup that is not purebred, and may even charge you a huge amount of money. Note, the only reliable registries for Tosas are the UKC and the FCI. With the other smaller registries, you could register your cat as a Tosa. You are very likely to get a pup that is unsound in health and temperament, and you will have no breeder support or warranty. Not to mention you're probably buying from a breeder who keeps their dogs and pups in squalor, on a low quality diet, and without proper socialization. And a Tosa cross (often absurdly called exotic hybrids), even if pups are 50% Tosa, is NOT the same thing as a purebred Tosa. It's a mutt and you have no idea what traits that dog will have. Also, most breeders overstate the size of their dogs, sometimes by a large amount.
"Honestly, there IS enough space on the couch."